Eating Seasonally: Fall

WHY? There are so many benefits to eating seasonally! From tasting better, to supporting local farms, and saving money, it’s the best thing you can do! It’s also a great way to change up your fruits and vegetables. September, October, + November FRUIT Apples Cranberries Grapes Guava Huckleberries Kumquats Passion Fruit Pear Persimmons Pineapple PomegranateContinue reading “Eating Seasonally: Fall”

My Favorite Way To Meal Prep

I LOVE meal prepping – the only thing I don’t love about it is having to eat the same thing everyday for a week! My favorite way is to meal prep different proteins (chicken, turkey, eggs, etc.), a bunch of vegetables (red bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, etc.) and then just switch out the carbContinue reading “My Favorite Way To Meal Prep”

Trader Joe’s Fall Grocery Haul

It’s my favorite season of the year and I’m HERE FOR IT! I love eating seasonally not only because it tastes better, but saves $$$ too! Produce Spaghetti Squash Butternut Squash Broccoli Sweet Potatoes Yellow + Red Onions Honeycrisp Apples Red grapes Avocados Garlic Mushrooms Zuchinni Pantry Pumpkin Spice RX Bars Black Beans Tomato SauceContinue reading “Trader Joe’s Fall Grocery Haul”